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Small world!

It’s become apparent to me just how small our world is really becoming. I’m reminded of my trip to Russia and an outing to the Hermitage Museum had my friend and I stopped by security because he was so excited to see other Americans— and Northern Californians at that. That was fun. Well tonight I’ve had a similar experience…

Let me start out by saying that I’m in the process of interviewing for a librarian position at the Rapid City Public Library. I’ve been beyond ecstatic with my research on this library, and the city itself. A brief trip through the Black Hills a few years ago was an amazing experience and sparked an interest in extending my relocation dreams from the North West region through to Northern Midwest region. But my trip was too short! I can’t wait to get out there again. 

Now tonight at the hotel I have a guest check in from Rapid City so I thought, yay! I can make a bit of small talk with them about the region. I told them I was hoping to relocate out there myself. What a lovely sweet family they have! Everyone from their younger children to the parents were so kind. Well at the end of this rambling story is the fact that this family I checked in knows the library staff in Rapid City. The wife is a former Library Foundation Board member. Goodness gracious— small world! I hope to continue on in the interview process more so than ever!   

In other news, in one of my classes this semester we’ve been creating Learning 2.0 programs. My public library group is working with a library from Albany, NY (East Greenbush Community Library), and not only is this library very supportive in offering tons of incentives for their staff, but they’re now making our program eligible for Continuing Education credits. It’s so amazing to see projects done in the classroom setting being expanded into tangible, and of course useful, tools that library is using.

What a great semester this has been… I definitely have that kid in the candy store feeling. It’s crazy to think that my college experience is coming to and end this year. Good thing there’s so many options to continue learning (conferences, webinars, etc.) in the library community— I’ll feel very odd to not have classes for awhile I know!