Archive | May 2013

Behind yet again…

Oh boy, so I’m quite behind in my updates. This is going to be quick and sweet here. I got the job. Yay! I’m officially a librarian 😀 I’m a happy camper. Beyond that, I’m finishing my semester and just finished up all of the papers I had to write. Next semester is my last and I’m quite nervous about the eport but I’ll take that one step at a time. Right now life is just so crazily hectic while I finished this semester and get ready to move. I start work in exactly 1 week. I’m leaving California on Monday— take 2 days to drive out there and then start work (with one day to spare in case of issues, but in reality it’s because I need to do stuff out there, namely: find a rental house, get Sophia the pup in daycare, etc.)

I really do hope to start my book reviews again soon. I’ve had a few that I’ve read recently that I just love. I read Gone Girl during my trip to South Dakota for the shadowing event and that was tremendously addictive. Just finished Game of Thrones too— yes I’m way behind the crowd. I downloaded Clash of Kings as an audio book off of Audible for the drive out to Rapid City—- 36 hour audiobook with 20 hours of driving. Not too bad! 

Alright, I’m off to submit my papers and then pack up this computer! See everyone on the flip side— aka halfway across the country next week woohoo!!