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Too Long!

Well I guess I haven’t felt like reviewing any books lately… oops! 

So far this semester is going off with a bang. Last semester of classes and of course it has to be insanely busy. I’m tremendously excited to be working with Michael Stephens in 281 (#transtech) creating a Learning 2.0 program. The program is exciting, my group is working with East Greenbush Library NY. Yay east-coasters! Anyways, I thought it was funny chatting with a coworker who previously graduated from SJSU SLIS in 2010 and she was tremendously jealous of me taking a class with Michael 😀 Other than that I have a Web Search class that’s taking all my time right now, I didn’t think this class would be this intense. But it’s a lot of work. Then a communications class. That was just more a “filler” class for me, but it’s actually terribly interesting at the same time. I think I’ll get a lot out of that class in the long run. Can’t wait. 

As for books, for the 100th time (not really—- really only the 3rd) I’m trying to read Game of Thrones. Now that I’m over 100 pages in I’ve gotten into it. Of course since I’ve checked it out via ebook from the library there’s no way I’m going to finish in time with all my classwork and work work, but I’ll try. Then to add myself on the wait list yet again. I’ve tried reading this 2 times prior, first time I couldn’t get into it and was too busy, second time again it was smack dab  in the middle of finals. I’ve also had my wait list name come up twice as well and I missed the 72 hour window to check it out. So I think it may be a miracle if I actually do finish this book. I certainly have a long going saga with it! I may try for the physical book next time, may be easier!