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The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga

Well who doesn’t love a good zombie novel? I’ve been a big fan of the whole series. I’ve read all the graphic novels to date, read the previous full-length novel, and of course am an avid watcher of the TV series. So of course when this book just came out I had to get my hands on it. Fortunately I have a friend more addicted than I am and she preorders all of the graphic novels and regular novels. I get my own little lending library for these for free—which is nice as my public library doesn’t own any 😦

★★★ ☆☆

Summary: The zombie apocalypse is upon us. This book follows a group of survivors and their ordeals with trying to, well, survive! Lily Caul is the main character of these books, she’s a quiet girl who has issues with crippling fear. The group she’s with finds their way to the little town of Woodbury, GA. The town is run by a charismatic character, Philip Blake, or the “Governor.” The town seems all right on the surface but disturbing incidents soon creep up and the “Governor” is not all he seems to be. 

Review: I’m torn on the book. I really love the Walking Dead. I’ll give the book a 3 our 5 stars because I still like the storyline despite my problems with it. Seeing how I’ve read everything to date in the series I know exactly how the team writes and yet something is off with this one. 

I think this novel felt a bit rushed. Character development was few and far between and some of the characters just felt a little stereotypical. With that said I still liked the book. After reading some other reviews on GoodReads I was surprised to see that most people found this book shocking. I’m slightly confused on what’s so shocking in this novel though. Nothing happened that’s shocking unless the reader is completely unaware of all other installments of the series. What I’m most concerned with are the plot holes, many things were said and left unaddressed, especially near the end of the novel. I don’t want to mention for fear of spoilers. Do we have spoiler/blackout ability in WordPress here? That would be fun 🙂 Anyways, when things don’t make sense I tend to not like the book as well. So I’ll keep the rating at 3. Decent but could be so much better. I want my plot holes addressed… I’ll give them ’til next novel before I trash the writing!


Crossed by Allie Condie

Man I hate it when I forget to post a review for a book I’ve read. I had a couple months where I went without any posts and this trilogy was something I started back then. I loved Matched by Allie Condie and had been trying to get the time to read Crossed in. Well I finished this book sometime last week and yet alas no review.

One reason I desperately need these reviews is with so much personal and school reading done I tend to forget the details of the books I’ve read. Things have a tendency to blur together. Keeping track is a good way to keep things sorted, refresh your memory, and a great aid for Readers Advisory work in the future.

So I’m going to try and rehash my thoughts on this book despite it being a little old. I finished another book tonight that I’ll subsequently review after this.



Rating: ★★ ☆☆☆

Summary: In the sequel to Matched, Cassia is on the hunt for Ky. She has to struggle with her emotions of leaving her family, leaving Xander, and fighting against the society. In this novel she manages to find her way to the Outer Provinces and has a long hard journey to meet up with Ky once again. 

Review: Hmmm, well I don’t know what to say about this book after a week+ away from it. I may have had more interesting opinions back then, but though I can still remember the plot of course the book is kind of forgettable  I didn’t care for this book as much as I did Matched. But I didn’t hate it either. As GoodReads tells me “It was OK” by my 2 star rating.

The book had a frontier-esque style that was fun, but I kept wondering when the book would be over. I ceased caring about the characters as much and the fight against Society just wasn’t as interesting a phenomena. In a way this books seems like a much rehashed plot. Bad dystopian society with a rebellion on the outskirts and yet the rebellion may not be one to be trusted. For one thing this rings of the Hunger Games trilogy, though I wouldn’t be one to even say that Collins’ books are very original either… I think kids may enjoy it though. I almost want to label is as a juvenile book instead of YA as it is in my library. It just feels a bit juvenile. With that said I’ll be reading book 3 when it comes out. I still think Ky is a cool character, though I’ve lost interest in Cassia. Oh well, let’s hope onwards and forward for this plot line. 

I do want to note that I really like Book 1: Matched. I thought it was interesting, the characters relatable and likable, as well as some interesting twists on the dystopian society. I love the aging ideas as well as how the Society plays God when it comes to all aspects of their life (life, death, love, etc.)