My Oh My— A Trip the the Dentist

Ok so this is totally unrelated to any books or schooling but I thought I’d share. So I’m one of those typical young adults who refuses to go in for medical/dental because of lack of insurance. My latest excuse is hopefully sometime soon I’ll be getting a full-time position with a library where I’ll finally get insurance— but that’s still a ways off I guess. 

In the past couple weeks I’ve had some facial pain followed by a sharp tooth sensitivity to cold. Finally I bit the bullet (my boss says it’s probably not so good to go around biting bullets when your teeth hurt :-p) and went in the dentist. Well I guess it’s a good thing, my pain would only get worse. I have to have a root canal tomorrow, followed by a tooth build up & crown. $2400 later… *sigh* why oh why couldn’t I be working for a library (in more than my on call position) yet? Oh well, life happens! 

Going in at 8am for this root canal… wish me luck. On the flip side I think I’m finally going to check out an audiobook. I’m not the biggest fan of the idea because my brain is really hard to keep focused unless I can be reading something along side it. I get highly distracted. I think I’m going to try and listen to the audiobook throughout the procedure and force myself to focus on the book, as I’d rather not focus on anything else! I’ll share my experiences on that at least—- see I connected it back around to books. Yay. 



2 thoughts on “My Oh My— A Trip the the Dentist

    • Ouch! That does comfort me. I guess I should feel thankful then. I got the root canal done, with little to no pain at all. It was amazing. I was shocked. Crown takes place in a bit over a week.

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