MIA status

Wow. I can’t believe I had neglected my review for so long. Life catches up with us sometimes. I enjoyed the rest of my summer off (other than work of course) then hit the books (textbooks that is) and ran with the new semester. In the middle of all this I’ve been nursing my puppy, Sophia, back to health after getting her hip surgery. It’s been 4 weeks now and she thinks she’s back to normal— which makes it supremely tough because she’s just not there yet. Vet appointment tomorrow for an X-ray of her hip. *crosses fingers* I sure hope the bones are healing well! That brat has done just about everything she wasn’t supposed to be doing: jumping, running, escaping from kennel and pen whenever possible, etc.

I thought about this blog just recently because I wanted to take a Readers’ Advisory course next semester and part of the class would be creating a database of nearly 40 books in the semester. As much as I’d like to take the class I think I need to take something else to better serve my Core Competencies. Boo! But I’ll be buying some (more—as I own the historical fiction one already) of the Genreflecting books and some others the Prof. has assigned for “textbooks.” I love teaching myself anyways. Besides, the basis relies on creating and keeping up with good reviews of books so that we can look back and access these.

So here I am. I need to go back and look at the books I’ve read in the past few months. I don’t think I’ll be reviewing them all. But I will make a conscious effort to keep this up better.



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