The Walking Dead

Well my summer break from classes is finally upon us and as I promised my friend, I’d finally borrow her Waking Dead graphic novels. I devoured those books—- they were finished in no time. I rated them all individually on GoodReads because I don’t think a rating for all 7 books (and one paperback I read) was justified. I think overall I’d give it a 3.5-4 out of 5 stars. I really liked parts and others not as much. As my friend said, unlike in the TV show I just do not see any good future for our “cast” in these graphic novels. Not only that but I’ve found it a bit hard to sympathize with most of the characters for the most part, there’s definite exceptions to that though.

 That being said, I like the writers twisted imagination! There were few scenes I would have rather them brushed over a bit, but many other scenes I wish they would’ve gone into further. I feel like the comic is rushed a bit though. I also think there are way too many people left living in this Zombie Apocalypse. I do not hold much faith in our human race for many surviving and in Georgia alone there a great number of people living/holded up in the area!!

Anyways I do not want to say much for fear of spoiling things, but the books were great in general. This was my first experience reading a graphic novel, and I do wish it was a novel instead—- however I did read the Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor novel before reading the comics. I do feel like this is a good idea, because it’s really interesting reading about the Governor and seeing the aftermath after already knowing the backstory. But I felt that the writing in the novel was pretty poor— the imagination/storylines were good but the writing felt lacking. So I wonder if the comics were in novel form if I’d have liked them as much!

So now I’ve tackled a couple good zombie books and would love some recommendations for other good ones. I loved World War Z and these graphic novels were good too. Anyone have any good recommendations?


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