Addition by Toni Jordan

I read this book for the Mental Illness Reading Challenge.

Bear with me, this book review is about a month behind. I read this book near the end of April. I’ve lost a lot of anything I’ve wanted to say about it— but I still remember the book of course. Looking at some reviews on GoodReads I see the number one word used with this book is quirky. Absolutely is the writing quirky, and the book is very humorous.  But the book is ultimately about an OCD. Grace is obsessed with numbers and has an odd love for Nikola Tesla. Grace has gotten by in life with this obsession for the most part but it was starting to falter as she was fired from a job due to it as well.

The story is essentially a love story and follows Grace’s path with meeting a man, falling in love, and trying to get better/change herself. This fails miserably, and runs through a vivid portrail of a kind of split personality taking shape with her new “healed” self, or as I’d like to say, fake self, and her real conscious battling to talkin in conversations and make decisions. It’s heart-wrenching. It poses a good question too. With these mental illnesses is there ever a cure or is there an internal battle from the two selves, the medicated and non-medicated selves? That’s a hard way to live for sure. It also documents the definite issues many face with medicating themselves (I’m thinking anti-depressants for one thing) making a “grey personality” and taking away all the good parts of the self. Of course though, as any good light-hearted read it does end well despite some unfortunate turns near the end. It’s definitely worth a read, it’s quick easy and enjoyable


2 thoughts on “Addition by Toni Jordan

  1. I’m not sure if you had such a good understanding of living with a mental illness before this book, but if you didn’t, then it certainly gave you one! Which of course is part of the point of the challenge. So glad you’re participating!

    • I really hadn’t to be fair. One of the main reasons I was interested in this challenge was because my knowledge of most mental illnesses is rather poor. I don’t know anyone in my life that has to go through most of the illnesses other than depression and eating disorders. I love learning and reading these fictional novels gives me a chance to broaden my horizons a bit without having to sink into a heavy NF book.

      I scoured my library catalog looking for subject headings related to the categories you have listed on your Mental Illness Reading Challenge page, and I’ve come up with a bunch of books from all different genres I’ll be looking into. So I’m excited to share =)

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