World War Z

O man I’m behind again! I got tremendously sick last week. It’s only a cold, but it’s sure a whopper of one! I am still fighting this off but I can clearly tell I’m in the recovery stage of it. My boyfriend has this cold first and it took him 2 weeks to battle it off and he still has a cough from it. This is day 5 for me and I hope to be feeling 100x better tomorrow. 

So I finished this novel last week before I got ill, but completely forgot about reviewing it. I had since picked up another book at the library, and since I couldn’t concentrate to get school work done, I finished that one as well. So I have a few to get through reviewing now.

First off, World War Z:

I guess first off I should mention this is a zombie novel though. Most people know this, or would know it simply glancing at the book one would think— but I had MULTIPLE people say “Ooo World War, I love reading history books” and either pick it up and start flipping through, or things to that nature. I was amused!

After reading, my first thought is how on earth are they going to make this into a movie?! I can’t see it making a good movie with keeping to the integrity of the book. But I could be wrong. It’s written as vignettes in interview form. We are brought around the world as the survivors tell parts of their stories and these stories are pieced together so that a “complete” picture of the war can be seen. I thought Max Brooks did a wonderful job with this. I definitely wanted to read more about some stories and to find out what happened next for some. But it served its purpose. The end was kind of anti-climatic, but I guess there’s no other way to end that.

What was most striking to me, and perhaps another reason the end is how it needs to be, is that it felt so real. It did not read like I was reading a novel, but rather actually recapping the events. While I enjoy reading about zombies, I am not one that believes a zombie apocalypse is coming. And yet, in this book it all seemed so plausible. It’s not written as a comedy as many zombie novels are nowadays, it’s not even a horror really. It’s just “real”. I almost view it as one of those alternate history type novels, except it’s an alternate future. I don’t believe it could take place, though I’m not against the possibility of it happening— I just don’t believe zombification of people will result in exactly how we portray zombies in literatures and movies. Anyways, so I think that’s the appeal of the book to me. It’s not simply a horror novel, but something that is dead-serious (ok silly pun, I know). It’s well done and I do plan on seeing the film next year.


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