Meet Sophia

Reading has to take a back seat right now. My boyfriend and I decided to expand our little family to include an adorable little puppy. We’ve named her Sophia, and she’s a Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix. Yes, I know we have our hands full with this one. She’s a sweetheart though a bit rambunctious— we’re working on training and finding outlets for her endless energy. She turned 11-weeks yesterday, and we’ve had her for a week now. According to my “schedule” for reading the Madonnas of Leningrad, which to be fair seems to be a short & fast read, should be done by now. But I’ve only read about 30pgs so far!

Trying to raise a puppy, work a full time job, volunteer at the library, and finish up this semester in graduate school is quite tough. Needless to say I’m running off of coffee right now. 5 more weeks of the semester. The end is in sight! I really enjoy my reference & web development classes and even my tougher collection development class has been very interesting. I have some neat, yet work instensive, finals planned. I have a LibGuide to make, an Opening Day Collection, and a E-Portfolio website. I hope to add this blog into my website as I’d like to share my book reviews on there— if I can get back to reading more. Can’t wait for the summer!!

Here’s Sophia:



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