Book Review: Half of a Yellow Sun

Alright, so I’m reviewing this book a good deal of time after reading it. This is Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie.

Not everything is fresh in my mind, but the book still stands out. I loved it. I picked the book up because after the Uwem Akpan short story/novella on Nigeria, I wanted to read more. This book was everything I could have hoped for. Not only does it do a great job of bringing in a great deal of the history, but it intertwined it within the story so vividly that this book made me feel like I was living this experience. After reading this book and sitting on edge loving every minute of it, I’m starting to realize I really love gritty novels. While it’s hard to read for some, these horrors are just so engaging in the literary form. It’s all so shocking, and disturbing… but makes for a page-turner you just can’t put down.

The book is set, as I mentioned, in Nigeria. It takes place before and during the Biafran war. I really like that the author integrated some events for the outside perspective of placing it within history (the 16th street church bombing for example). Overall the book is haunting. I like that it follows the one family, but it split between perspectives of the others in their life. My heart broke for Ugwu multiple times. What a great novel. I’ve really lucked out in my selections. This is a must read for those interested in this setting. I recommend the book for just anyone though too. I’ve seen some comments on Good Reads of those disliking it because it had too much politics & history behind it— but I felt everything belonged. The integration seemed seamless; a wonderful historical fiction. I will definitely read more from this author when I get the chance after reading challenges are completed.




One thought on “Book Review: Half of a Yellow Sun

  1. I loved this book as well! I can’t understand the reviews you mention on Goodreads, complaining about the politics and history – I felt they were woven into the story so well. I knew almost nothing about the Biafran War before reading it, so I was very impressed at how the author got across so much of the political and historical context without distracting from the gripping story-line. Nice review, Danielle, and thanks for reminding me of a great reading experience 🙂

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