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Semester underway & reading challenges challenges!

I just thought I’d update about school and reading. The semester is up and running and so far it’s been excellent. I’m in a reference course, a collection management and a web development course.

The web development has been the most fun for sure. I love learning something that I am able to create things with. Completing the tutorials always makes me giddy because once you preview the page it transforms to something beautiful. It’s great!

On another note I’m having and horrible time getting much pleasure reading done. I’d like to say I’m just so busy but I usually have time to read after work, right before I go to bed. I’m failing miserably; this past month I’ve only come home and watched a TV show before going to bed. Not great for sure.

I’m pretty sure it’s the book I’m currently reading that’s holding be back. I’m reading Gazelle Tracks by Miral al-Tahawy for the Africa Reading Challenge. I can’t get through it though. It’s not bad, but it’s not grabbing me and I’m having trouble following the narration. There’s a lot of times they’re talking about someone and I can’t tell if it’s a ghost/spirit, a human character, or a cat haha. I think I’m going to give it up. I hate doing that. I like seeing books through and I was like 60% done that book. Oh well.

Not sure what to read next. I’m also going to be reading a bunch of books for a mental health awareness challenge this year. I’m woefully ignorant about a lot of those topics so I’d like to read to learn more.

Until next time!