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Africa Reading Challenge and updates

Well I’ve never been a very good blogger. I never keep up to date on anything. I had a wonderful first semester at SJSU SLIS and am moving on to the next semester in less than a week now. I’ll be taking 210 (reference), 240 (web development), and 266 (collection development). I am ecstatic for all 3 of my courses. Can’t wait to learn.

I’m now volunteering at my local public library every week. I do whatever needs to be done and am thankful for my “mentors” who are teaching me hands-on work experiences like cataloging, collection development, different projects ongoing in the library, etc. It’s like I have an ongoing internship, without the internship title— works for me!

That’s the other thing, my focus in library school has changed too. I had plans to be an academic librarian but have steered towards public now. That’s not to say I’ll have to do that forever, but I think for now, it’s a good fit. I’m also not a huge fan of HAVING to publish articles. I shall try, but defending my work is always nerve-wracking for me and I don’t want to have that much stress. Daily work issues, grant proposals, and the like shall be enough for me!

So on to my next topic, I’ve been following a lot of library blogs on my Google Reader— It’s TOUGH to keep on top of them. I’ll be honest, there’s 1000+ still for me to catch up on. I thank Hack Library School team for the easy subscription to all those great blogs. Anyways, a challenge caught my eye this morning. Africa Reading Challenge— now that’s my cup of tea! I haven’t been reading much from Africa for awhile now (now that I steered away from studying African history) so there’s definitely a lot for me to catch up on, not to mention I think I’d like to read some more fiction from Africa.

I’ll have to scan what books I have and look online for those I can read. It calls for only 5 books (easy-peasy). Tentatively I’d like to cover Central Africa and West Africa (my two loves) and probably include East Africa and possibly North Africa. I have wanted to read Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo, so that may be included though I’d like to focus on fiction.